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Calendar: 2021 Postgraduate

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Using the Search Form
Searches based on Subject Codes
You can search for subjects based purely on their subject codes. This is helpful for locating a specific subject. To do this, enter either the full or partial subject code into the search field. The code may consist of up to four letters, followed by a three letter number code. The number is optional, and searches without the number will return all subjects with the given letter code.
A search for PHIL will return all Philosophy subjects.
A search for PHIL101 will return the PHIL101 subject.
A search for SCI will return all CSCI and all SCIE subjects.

Searches based on Subject Names
You may also search for subjects based on their subject names. This is helpful when you do not know a specific subject code, or for when you are interested in finding a subject about a specific topic. To search based on subject names, enter a word in the search field. The search will return all subjects with the given word in their name.
A search for Philosophy will return all subjects with the word Philosophy in their name.

Limiting your search
If your search is returning too many subjects, or if you simply only wish to view a certain range of subjects, you may use the pull down input boxes to restrict your search to a particular subject level and/or a single faculty.

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